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New, Useful Cabinet Storage Options

There’s rollout trays, pullouts, pull-down storage, inserts for drawers, a myriad of pantry cabinet choices and dozens and dozens of specialized storage options for cabinets. It’s tempting to add something to every cabinet in the kitchen, bathroom and even the entertainment area — but remember, they can push the price up and they may not be as useful as you may think.

The designers at Marling locations can help you sort out what you may or may not need and also talk about how each might push up your price point.

Here are some things to think about when you are considering cabinet storage options:

Use Common Sense

You can approach adding storage options in a couple of different ways. You can make a list of everything you would like if you had all the money in the world to spend, you just start with the basics of what you think is necessary or you can pick three or four things you really have to have.

If you don’t do a lot of baking, you certainly don’t need a cabinet that is portioned off with spaces for cookie sheets. If you are feeding a family of four or more and you buy grocery items in the family or economy size, you shouldn’t add a pantry cabinet to your new kitchen that only has space for regular sized boxed items and small canned items.

If you have children helping in the kitchen, you want sturdy drawers and rollout trays. Your rollout trays should have a higher front so a child pulling out the tray won’t pull on it and knock items all over the kitchen.

A cabinet with storage bins or containers may not be a good idea if you want items on the counter within easy reach or if you think small or senior hands might not be able to open them.

Trendy And Practical Storage Options

If you enjoy your beverage from a pod, then a drawer or cabinet with pullout pod storage is a great option. If the family is stacking phones, iPods and iPads all over the kitchen counters with their chargers — a docking drawer where everything has its place to get plugged would be a major consideration.

If you want cabinets stacked to the ceiling for maximum storage as well as a great visual effect, a newer storage option with a storage for a step stool is for you!

If you have a gourmet tool for each cooking technique you use, then by all means, check out all of the drawer divider options out there.

And Remember…

Not all cabinet lines have all of the storage options you may have seen when you are perusing the Internet or Pinterest. And, you might be thinking, you can add some aftermarket storage. Yes, that’s an option, but keep in mind you will have to do the installation or get someone to do the installation and that means drilling into your cabinets to add something. Measuring to see if an aftermarket storage option will fit is also a bit tricky. It may fit in the cabinet, but did you remember to account for the cabinet frame if its something that gets pulled out?

A designer cannot only help you sort through the cabinet storage options, but also help you keep in mind where everything should go. You don’t want to store spices too close to a heat source and you don’t want to put a peg board with hanging utensils next to the refrigerator instead of by the stove.


Cabinet Accessory Blog

Rollout trays come several ways, including with a flat front, with a slight edge at the front or with a taller edge. How you have your rollout trays set up depends on what you are planning to store there. This is from Echelon cabinetry.

Cabinet Accessory Blog

Docking drawer for recharging your devices without cluttering up the top of the cabinet. This is KraftMaid Cabinetry's version of the docking drawer.

Cabinet Accessory Blog

Pullouts come in all sizes – and most have adjustable shelves. This is Merillat cabinetry.

Cabinet Accessory Blog

In the kitchen this is for spices; in a bath vanity, it is for organizing small items such as make-up or nail polish. This is from Merillat.

Cabinet Accessory Blog

Storage options for bottles come in all shapes and arrangements. This is from Diamond cabinetry and it features roll-out storage.

Cabinet Accessory Blog

Tiltout trays keep sponges and scrubbers off the counter. They come in plastic or stainless steel options. This is from Europa.

Cabinet Accessory Blog

Super cabinets, pantry cabinets, super storage cabinets – different names – but they are great pantry/storage options. This is Aristokraft’s super cabinet.

Cabinet Accessory Blog

Pullouts come with canister storage options that fit nicely. This is from Fieldstone cabinetry.

Cabinet Accessory Blog

Storage for pots and pans along with a rollout at the bottom so no space is wasted. Dividers are available in all shapes and sizes for drawers. This is Diamond Vibe cabinetry.




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