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Collaborative Design with the KraftMaid Vantage Design Studio


A store within a store is nothing new. The big box stores thought of that concept a while ago. Collections within a store are organized like little boutiques. It helps you with choices - all the shoes are together; all the sportswear is together, and all the sleepwear is together. You get the idea.

Kitchen and bath stores are the same way. Each cabinetry company has - what they call - a selection center with doors showing door styles, drawer fronts and all the colors you can choose from. Marling Lumber and HomeWorks carries nearly a dozen different cabinet lines and our talented designers are ready to help you design your space. And, design services are complimentary.

For some people the options are overwhelming, and they go into a sort of design overload. The options can be overwhelming because consumers think they should put 14 different colors and styles together and try to choose that way. Add in that fact that there are numerous cabinet companies represented in the showroom and you have hundreds of choices. Even with professional help, if you don’t try and reduce your choices you could - and some people do - spend weeks and weeks just “shopping.”

KraftMaid Cabinetry has come up with a solution. The KraftMaid Vantage Design Studio is a framed-up design studio within a showroom. Just as an FYI - Vantage is a KraftMaid line that allows for modified cabinet heights and widths and features all plywood construction.

Wisconsin’s first KraftMaid Vantage Design Studios debuted recently at the Marling locations in Janesville and Madison and the designers and customers couldn’t be happier.

KraftMaid Studio features

The KraftMaid Vantage Design studio is almost 240 square feet of collaborative space with everything a customer needs to pick a color palette and embrace the process. Two eight-foot wall units show door samples and a third wall door samples and hardware boards. The hardware, door samples and drawer fronts are all displayed in a well-lighted contained area that helps insulate the customer from the hustle and bustle in the rest of the showroom.

At the center design table the designer and customer lay the choices out and swap out color ideas and hardware concepts. There are backsplash options elsewhere in the showroom as well as countertop options. But the KraftMaid Vantage Design Studio helps with the most important choices – the cabinet color and door style – because everything else is usually built around the cabinetry.

But if a customer wants to design around a particular accessory such as a rug or furniture, the studio had all the color and door style options within easy reach and that will streamline the design choices. The hardware boards are magnetized so hardware can be viewed at a glance and then put onto the door or drawer to view the concept.

The studio displays 152 color options, 78 door style designs and 93 hardware styles as well as molding options and even glass designs. It may seem like we’ve come full circle back to the overwhelming choices, but it doesn’t seem that way in the studio because everything is on display and right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to look around and find that exact shade of white or gray you wanted along with that exact door profile you have been thinking about.

And there’s more!

Your designer can help you out with all of the storage options that Kraftmaid has. Do you want bin storage? Storage for containers? A place for wine? Some place to finally organize your cookie sheets? How about a power drawer where you can just put in your electronic devices to charge without them being strewn all over the counter? Do you want glass in some of your cabinet fronts or the more modern look of metals?

Marling is ready to help you design your space

Call our Janesville location – 608-754-1123 or our Madison location 608-221-2222 to meet with a designer and start designing your space in the KarftMaid Vantage Design Studio. Or e-mail and we’ll have a designer contact you.

Looking to calculate your kitchen remodel cost? Use our free kitchen remodel calculator to figure out how much your remodel will cost.

KraftMaid Vantage Design Studio

The KraftMaid Vantage Design Studio

The KraftMaid Vantage Design Studio creates a space within a showroom for customers and designers to collaborate on space design with everything in easy reach.

Hardware Display

Hardware Display

Hardware is displayed on magnetic boards for easy viewing. The pieces can be removed and placed on a door or drawer front.

KraftMaid Vantage Design Studio

Visualize your Space

Putting the doors, drawers, backsplash and countertop materials together in the KraftMaid Vantage Design Studio helps customers visualize their space.

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