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Before and After - What a transformation!

Kitchen remodel before and after

What a transformation!

This gorgeous remodel by Marling Lumber and HomeWorks Designer Kelly Pallesen gave the homeowners a more functional, bright kitchen. They wanted additional storage, up-to-date cabinets and just an all-around updated and more modern feel.

The removal of the soffit yielded tons more storage and added a lot more light. Some flooring in a more contemporary style made the room seem bigger and longer. Design hint: squared off cabinets, squared off floor tiles and a square island make the room seem blocky and closed off.

The non-functional desk was taken out and the prep space by the microwave was increased and the clutter was decreased.

The bigger drawers and sleek drawer fronts further elongated the room and the white cabinets made the space brighter, sleeker and more modern. Newer cabinets provided lots more storage options.

Glass fronts on some of the cabinets helped move the light from the windows in the dining area around the room and replacing the wooden door in the kitchen with the glass door also helped with the light.

Contemporary hardware matched the finish on the microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator.

The pendant lighting highlights the island and the stunning quartz countertops add interest, compliment the style of the cabinetry and provide more reflective surfaces.

A Marling Lumber and HomeWorks designer can help you design your space to be functional and fun! We’ve got cabinet lines and color options to suit your budget and your taste. Call today for a complimentary design appointment – Janesville – 608-734-1123 or Madison – 608-221-2222.

This remodel features Kraftmaid cabinetry – and remember, our Janesville and Madison locations have the only Kraftmaid Vantage Design Studios in the state! The cabinets are Dove White and the door style is Lyndale. The countertops are Cambria Quartz – Beaumont is the color.

Planning a kitchen remodel? Use our free kitchen remodel calculator to figure out how much it will cost.

Browse through the photo album – the “before” photos are at the end of the album – what a transformation!

kitchen after remodel

Kitchen After Remodel

fridge upper cabinet after remodel

Kitchen Cabinets After Remodel

kitchen drawer after remodel

Kitchen Drawer After Remodel

kitchen countertop after remodel

Kitchen Countertop After Remodel

kitchen slide-out cabinet after remodel

Kitchen Slide-out Cabinet After Remodel

kitchen island after remodel

Kitchen Island After Remodel

kitchen corner cabinet after remodel

Kitchen Corner Cabinet After Remodel

kitchen before picture 1

Kitchen Before Remodel #1

kitchen before picture 2

Kitchen Before Remodel #2

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