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Exterior Color Trends and Design
Exterior Color Trends and Design



Color trends come and go but it’s likely you will be remaining in your home for a while so if you are making a big change, take a little time to think about it. Remember, you can browse a Marling showroom and look at new colors and some of the “re-invented” tried and true colors for siding, doors, shutters, exterior trim and shingles. A Marling sales associate can show you the latest colors and also discuss the pros and cons of various materials.

Some General Ideas

Warmer toned greens, yellows and blues will make your house appear larger. Remember, when painting trim adding white will lighten a color several shades and adding black will darken it. You can adjust your paintable trim and shutters to compliment your siding colors.

Using a bold color around windows and doors frames them nicely and helps with your exterior color statement. Think a little outside the box and pick dark blue or burgundy instead of black for a change.

Using just one color may seem easier, but more and more people are picking two and even three colors. Two things to remember, the darker color should go on the bottom to act as a visual anchor and, your roof accounts for 40% of your exterior surface so think about the roof color when you are picking colors for siding and other items on the outside of the house.

Pick Primary Colors and Mind Your Pairings

Mix red, blue and yellow - a red door makes a nice pop of color and some of the shades of yellow and blue are trending. Bright yellow - think lemons - is out. Deeper shades and a shade close to gold go well with accents of brown and white

While blue and gray have been the “go to” colors for the past decade, manufacturers have melded the two together into their own shade of blue gray. This newer color pairs well with the cultured stone or regular brick and it also looks great with wood trim.

Green has also become a popular color, but in richer shades and different tones - think sage and olive.

Wood, White and Black

If you like wood accents, use them on shutters and the garage door. A medium to dark tone works great with most siding colors. More and more people are going for composite materials in wood tones because of the upkeep needed with real wood.

The “farmhouse” style continues to be popular, but mixing it with more contemporary looks is a growing trend. So, with the traditional white siding, you would add black window frames as well as more industrial styled house numbers and outside lighting fixtures.

Speaking of white siding, it never goes out of style, but more and more it is being offset with a bold colored front door and colorful landscaping. Newer architectural styles look great with two or even three trim colors.

There’s lots of colors, lots of styles and lots of options and luckily, many of the siding and trim companies offer visualizers on their websites to help you out in addition to being able to look at your options in a Marling showroom.

Here are some of the siding and trim companies that provide great showroom and web resources.


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